Back in November of 2018, I had the exquisite pleasure and honor of getting to know the work of musical trio S3 Saba Brothers. The group is one of the finest expressions of Sydney, Australia’s musical scene. The Saba Brothers continue to evolve musically as evidenced from the release of their newest track Boomerang.

Boomerang is the debut single off of the Saba Brothers’ upcoming EP, which is set for release later this year. Boomerang wastes no time in grabbing our attention with an awe-inspiring guitar riff that tapers off into an acoustic charm of instrumentation and chorale. The Saba Brothers’ creative wand is able to pull elements from folk music and progressive rock into a soulful tapestry of melody like no other.

The song has a positive vibe coated by the theme of what you put out is what you receive in light. The hook courageously encourages the listener to send love out like a “boomerang” for the return effect in life. The harmonies and vocal performances are top-notch. Boomerang is a superb testimony of everything that makes S3 Saba Brothers an emerging musical phenomenon.


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