Conscious Rap aka CR (rap artist)

Feels Like Something (feat. Kimie Chen) by Conscious Rap aka CR

Based out of New Jersey, the multi-talented lyrist and rap artist Conscious Rap aka CR keeps things thriving with the hot single Feels Like Something (feat. Kimie Chen). The track is off of CR’s sophomore album titled LOVE PEACE & BEATZ! Conscious Rap is one emcee that brandishes his passion for lyricism with intellectual bravado and witty concepts in rhyme and rap song structure. His flow is heavily influenced by rap music’s golden era within a post-modern context.

Conscious Rap flexes his persona in a timely and well-crafted rap song styled for the ladies. Feels Like Something draws us in with its r&b-fused landscape. Kimie Chen blesses the track with a tremendous performance in song, which also sets up the stage for Conscious Rap to paint a scene with cinematic bars and easy-to-follow cadence. Published by Jump Out The Frame Inc./JOTF Records, Feels Like Something (feat. Kimie Chen) is a slice of paradise made for the ears to touch. Bravo!


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