Based out of Santiago, Chile, the riveting sounds of Modern and Post-Black Metal band called Spring In Coma. The band’s avant-garde style adds a ferocious amount of depth and surrealism to their sound. The group’s latest release titled Everyone Leaves proves to be a spirited offering and testimony of Spring In Coma’s metallic craftsmanship.

Everybody Leaves is from Spring In Coma’s recent album titled Illusions, a project that was two years in the making. Everybody Leaves opens with some crafty blazing riffs that blossom into a grandiose black metal symphony. The track has an open-manifold structure, which facilitates some of the breaks and rhythmic loose ends of the song adding a sense of reflection on the theme that Everyone Leaves employs of transiting life, to say the least.

The individualistic character of Everyone Leaves is further enhanced by its provocative, and yet ghostly vocals that stride in pace with the unorthodox groove. Everybody Leaves has a charming music video that works in amplifying the song’s theme.

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  1. “Modern and Post-Black Metal…” Didn’t know there was such a thing. Now I do thanks to your review. Appreciate the introduction.

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