Memphis, Tennessee, has longed been recognized for its blue-collar appeal and warm hospitality. However, as an American citizen, who is truly in love with the beloved city of Memphis, David Walker has a grand vision for this historic community that will turn it into an economic powerhouse! Mr. Walker is running in 2019’s mayoral election for Memphis, Tennessee, and has etched out a fabulous plan for the city’s redevelopment and economic renewal.

Mr. Walker is working towards initiatives that will reduce crime tremendously, upgrade property value, increase industrial resources, and develop a community “hands-on” system where everyone wins if they play their part. Mr. Walker stated that his treatment from the previous mayoral runnings was unfair and that he will make it his business to not have the same things occur by shedding light on some of the election’s imperfections.

According to statistics, Memphis is the second most unexpected city to succeed. Mr. Walker plans to change all of that with a mission to bring in outer economic forces that will boost Memphis’ economy providing more jobs and better living conditions for the city. Mr. Walker’s campaign slogan is “A Better Vision, A Greater Memphis”! We wish all the candidates the best, but Mr. Walker certainly has plans that will make life better for all the citizens of Memphis!

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