Motor Crunch by NowFuture

Straight out of Montreal, the rock band named NowFuture come with a cutting edge sound that is resplendent in its presentation. Comprised of band members Pete Moss (vocals), Steph Deriff (guitars), Pat Chooly (bass), and Seb Void (drums), NowFuture have procured a sinister, yet irresistible heavy metal ensemble that is progressively entertaining. Their new maxi single titled Motor Crunch is something that hard rock purists and devotees of metal will enjoy.

Motor Crunch exemplifies the rugged glory of NowFuture with three mind-bending tracks. This is an intense ride that is made intoxicatingly delightful by witty hooks and well-developed song structures. Two of the tracks are further enhanced by some very cool music videos. This is certainly a ride that you don’t want to miss.

Me Myself & I is a perfect example of NowFuture’s creative genius. The guitar rhythm borders a cutting edge flavor as the repetitive hook works out a narcissistic affirmation of a tailored survivalist’s philosophy. Me Myself & I also features an exceptional performance by band member Seb Void on drums. The video for the song is a clever lyric video against the open road. Me Myself & I tastefully puts the audience by the wheel of good times and good music.

Dead To Me –  The opening bassline build sets the stage for the allure that Dead To Me has to offer. The song’s theme is easy to follow. We all have experiences of breaking away from people who we no longer find suitable as friends. Dead To Me is a clever play on words in this regard. The track’s steady groove that is made colorful by a funky guitar rhythm Dead To Me has a clever music video that keeps audiences intrigued.

Who Cares? NowFuture concludes this maxi-single with a touch of nostalgia and spirited performance. Who Cares is an energetic party that doesn’t stop until NowFuture picks the moment.

Motor Crunch is an epic project that maintains a high level of attitude in the continuity of the music. Instead of gimmicks and shock value, NowFuture keeps their outlook musically rugged with the confidence of just being themselves. Their realistic approach to the craft has certainly blessed them with a profound ability to produce something special.

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