The German-born country music singer Rob Georg continues his inventive streak with the release of another epic offering titled Beast Made of Steel. After having covered previous releases by Rob Georg like Dust and Ghost, it is certainly apparent that the country singer uses his talent to inspire others, especially those among the working-class that are akin to a country lifestyle. We find that Beast Made of Steel is a tribute to truck drivers and an anthem for pioneers of the 18-wheeler in a manner similar to Dave Dudley’s classic hit “Six Days On The Road”.

Written by S. Bradley (BMI), Kristin K. Smith (SESAC), and Rob Georg (GEMA), Beast Made of Steel is an enthralling tune wherein fans of Georg get to hear a different range in vocals from the country performer, one that is a bit more earthy than his previous releases. The track begins as an acoustic gem. Georg’s knack for cinematic lyricism is sparkling as bright as ever. The melody is comprised of a layered blend of acoustic guitar strums, electric and slide guitars, all of which prove to be an irresistible musical landscape for Georg to lyrically paint an impression upon the minds of his audience.

Beast Made of Steel has an incredible hook that graduates into a fierce anthem towards the tail end of the song. Produced by Kristin K. Smith, Beast Made of Steel is supported by an array of talented musician fol, which includes Justin Ostrander (Lead Guitar), John Conley (Acoustic Guitar), Tim Galloway (Acoustic Guitar), Scotty Sanders (Slide Guitar), Steve Mackey (Bass), Billy Nobel (Keys), and Grady Saxman (Drums). Beast Made of Steel by Rob Georg is a fine tribute to the trucking community that also brandishes the singer’s taste for quality music.

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