Jo Potter is a beautiful songstress with a very spirited voice. I had the honor of learning about the musical diva’s work in my 2017 review of her album Saved.  Since this time, the American-born Singapore-based musical diva has been hard at work on another magnificent offering that is set for release on September 4th, 2019.

Tonight is the title of Jo Potter’s upcoming album. The work is comprised of thirteen riveting tracks and demonstrates the songstress’ continued growth and blossoming career. At the first audible glimpse, Tonight appears to find Jo Potter in a festive mood over the joys of life and a sense of accomplishment from her lifelong affair with music as a true sanctuary. Potter weaves melodies from the depth of her soul and in doing so, shares a portion of her inner world that bares a reflection in the hearts of her listeners.

Tonight Track-by-Track Review

Tonight – The album opens with its title track, which turns out to be a catchy pop-rock groove. Tonight scores a perfect 10 on its display of musicianship and song structure. Jo Potter sounds as soulful as ever and sings invitingly. It’s almost as if she is talking directly to the listener.

Over And Done – The craftiness of the acoustic guitar strums easily draws the audience into its scheme with this wonderful melody. Although the song’s theme reflects upon an experience of letting a relationship go, Over and Done turns out to be an inspiring track that encourages cutting ties with what is useless. The tune’s upbeat spirit can be attributed to Potter singing from a place of peace and resolve.

Baby I Am Yours – This irresistible tune begins with some exceptional drumming that builds a strong intrigue as to what is to follow. Potter uses her soulful voice to paint a romantic charm that is as bright as the morning sun.

For You (Seraphina’s Lullabye) – A very beautiful song by Potter that celebrates the joy of her child. it doesn’t get any better than this.

You’re Amazing – An amazingly funky groove wherein we find Potter playing the role of big sister with her spectacular vocal performance. The bassline is very inviting as You’re Amazing is definitely one of the gems from Potter’s melodic treasure chest.

Goodbye – Another marvelous display of Potter’s soulful charm. The track is a mellow groove with an intense theme of romance’s complexities surrounding the word “Goodbye”.

Waiting – At this point in the album, the listener gets to feel the dramatic concepts contained in the Tonight album. Waiting is a unique bohemian song filled with the luster of organic instrumentation.

No Apology – Venturing on the borders of Americana and folk-rock, No Apology is a brisk and expressive love song filled with the joyful feelings that a newfound love often emits.

Everything – Continuing with Tonight’s saga of love tidings, Potter flirts with images of passion in a soulful chorale. Seductively, Potter sings as if she is whispering in the ear of her lover and the harmonies of her voice sound so beautiful.

Nothing – The sounds of acoustic guitar and violin create a lucid atmosphere for Potter’s ballad about breaking up and the realization of what was once thought to be love.

Baby I Am Yours Acoustic – This delightful rendition of Baby I Am Yours adds a bright layer to the album that is irresistible. The acoustic guitar strums reach the heart in a way that draws up a loving experience.

Goodbye Acoustic – This version of Goodbye allows the listener to focus on the complexity of this enchanting melody in a simplistic manner. We also get to hear more of Jo Potter’s delectable voice.

No Apologies Acoustic – Potter concludes this masterful album with a pianist version of No Apologies. Although the song is a cry for passion for a lover, its appearance at the end of the album is almost a prophetic taste of how Potter’s music affects our minds and souls. Simply beautiful.

Tonight by Jo Potter is a masterpiece. Potter performs exceptionally on every track and is able to effectively transmit the joys and woes of being in love with dreamlike precision. The song displays a perfect balance of rhythm and voice with the aim of sharing joy, inspiration, and realization of who we are inside in the light of our shared reality. in the world of pop, rock, and soul, it doesn’t get any better than Tonight by Jo Potter!


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