Although spirituality is often associated with churches and other religious organizations, we find that many people are seeking higher levels of awareness and enlightenment outside of the church.  Methods of spiritual cultivation and mind science exist in various aspects of life other than religion, and in many cases supersedes the latter. In the ancient world, the practical and ordinary principles that the seven planets represented were considered sacred arts. Thus, we find from the ancient spiritualist’s perspective, an individual can gain enlightenment from institutions other than those advertised as being spiritual. One institution that is bringing encouragement and fulfillment into many people’s lives are economic corporations.

Being that the working class spends approximately one-third of their lives at work, perhaps the spirituality of economic corporatism is much more impactful than the life of the average churchgoer. In many ways, practitioners of economic corporatism have benefited from an environment that in many cases is much more virtuous than the template that religious organizations have engineered. Below is a comparative analysis of the spiritual benefits that economic corporations have provided over religion.


Racial Equality:

Economic corporations are able to create an environment that accommodates people from all walks of life. The interesting thing about the corporate environment in comparison to the church is that economic corporatism emphasizes the maximization of each employee’s potential regardless of culture, gender, or race. It is expected that each employee will be able to operate and abide by the same rules and regulations as other employees. Economic corporatism operates under the principles that all employees are equally expected to fulfill their responsibilities, which in itself implies the equality of the staff.

Economic corporations must abide by codes of equal opportunity or fall under penalty of the law. The structure of economic corporations are completely in line with the intention of the Most High when it comes to racial equality and supersedes religion. In the corporate environment, employees from diverse communities are able to procure long-lasting friendships that even exceed some family relationships.

Different than economic corporatism, churches, and other religious groups have built a cloud of elitism around its membership. Despite the fact that laws pertaining to desegregation were enacted decades ago, the clergy remains quite satisfied with “voluntarily segregated” houses of worship. It amazes me that these religious leaders still haven’t ascertained that the “Mark of the Beast” spoken of in the Biblical book of Revelation is racial classification. The aware understands that as the human race matures, it must pass through four stages of development, which are hunter-gatherer culture, civilization, globalization, and finally celestialization.

Sexual Misconduct:

Economic Corporations are highly guarded against any sexual misconduct. Any violation of a corporation’s codes and rules in this regard will always lead to dismissal of employment. In stark contrast, we find even the most reserved religious groups guilty of allowing adultery, pedophilia, rape and other forms of the abuse fly off the handle with no discipline. Newsweek recently reported that the Jehovah’s Witness group covered up 23,720 alleged pedophiles. Unfortunately, religions keep proving that its only guiding force are the men who made it.


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