Based out of Minnesota, the rock trio known as West of Corey are setting the music world aflame with their new single titled Misty Mound. Comprised of musical veterans James (West) Foster (bass/vocals), Corey Birkholz (lead guitar), and Janine Taft (lead vocalist), West of Corey have cultivated an eclectic blend of acoustic rock, blues, hard rock and metal for a sophisticated anything-goes vibe. 

West of Corey’s new single Misty Mound is off of the group’s album Slammed. The track totes a hard-edged melody with the unique craftsmanship of electric guitar rhythms. Hard rock purists will not only find Misty Melody an iron-clad groove but equally innovative. Janine delivers a outstanding vocal that shapes the song’s character. Misty Mound is a plate full of satisfaction for music enthusiasts.


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