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The Evolving Legacy of Cash Runners Records


Stirring the pot of both business and music endeavors, the Atlanta-based record label named Cash Runners Records is set to ignite the music industry with a slew of trendsetting artists. Cash Runners Records was originally formed in 2013 as 725 Entertainment Records. The company’s CEO “Dolph” changed the title and brand to fall in line with the agenda and goals of the business.

The label has a fierce lineup of artists which includes Cappy, Richhie Waterz, Cashy Facts, and Nuchie. Additionally, J-Jigg is working as an affiliate manager, whose unique vision and insight could only aid in making this winning team more prosperous. Thus far, we can say that Cash Runners Records is already making a name for themselves with a toolkit of raw talent and an industrious management team. We can only expect to hear more good news and success in the upcoming months.

Atlanta, GA
Management: DOLPH and J-Jigg