Country music phenomena Brei Carter casts an inventive and soulful vibe on the genre. Her work as a singer and songwriter is truly brilliant. Originally from Louisiana, Carter uses her musical craft to inspire others and shed light on practical topics. Her recent single Smiling is a perfect of this.

Smiling is a melodic breath of fresh air. Not only does Carter’s new single stand as a strong statement of encouragement, but we also find her vocal performance is equally enchanting and carries over like a personal letter. Smiling breaks away from conventional songs of its genre and opens with a free-spirited drum sequence and handclaps. The song progresses into a nice groove, that includes both acoustic and electric guitars, along with a nice measure of bass and background swelling, all of which serve as an organic soundscape for Carter’s harmonic scent of chorale. This free-flowing masterpiece is certainly a gem for music lovers and enthusiasts of the country music genre.


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