Born with a keen taste of musicianship embedded in her soul, singer and songwriter Erin Coburn is filled with melodic expression and an imaginative genius that is truly inspiring. She unveils her relentless talent in moving compositions of rock and blues structured tracks that cover relatable themes as evident from the new single Fast Paced & Freakish.

Fast Paced & Freakish is a track from Coburn’s Out From Under album and draws off of rock music’s harder edge. The track has a stand-up bassline. Coburn casts an enchanting vibe to the project with a repetitive hook, excellent guitar play, and good vocalization. Fast Paced & Freakish totes a thrilling smoothness that makes this an admirable ride. Fast Paced & Freakish by Erin Coburn is sure to stay in heavy rotation for all to remember.

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