Growing up with their eyes on the prize of the musical bag, TBB (True Blood Brothers) The Game have developed into an underground phenomenon for purists of the rap genre that enjoy innovative lyricism and hooded tracks. Backed by Catalyst Music Group, this emerging duo comprised of James Hill aka Jamebo and Landris Johnson aka Landoe$ are looking to bring something new to the recording industry and have certainly gained a head start with the latest track Flippin.

Flippin unveils TBB’s relentless talent and bar-dropping expertise. The track is ingeniously produced and draws elements from both trap and electronica. Most of all, the music creates a surreal atmosphere that is most suitable for TBB’s chunky lyrics that revolve mainly around lifestyle bravado and hood politics. Remarkably, TBB is able to make their audience feel every verse with an unforgettable and equally animated delivery. The music video for Flippin is a great portrayal of the song while fortifying much of the mystique that surrounds the group. Flippin by TBB The Game is one gold brick along the journey of this emerging group’s legacy.

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