Highly sought after for the euphoric experience that can be achieved by its adherents, Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is one of YouTube’s hottest trends. ASMRtist ShadrachASMR has a unique perspective about ASMR and further insights into the use of this technology. Have fun!

Warlock Asylum: I would like to thank you for taking the time to share a piece of your life with us. Please introduce yourself to our readers. Who is ShadrachASMR?

ShadrachASMR: ShadrachASMR is my ASMRtist name. I would reveal my real name, but I choose not to disclose much information about myself publicly. In short, I would rather be an enigma.

Warlock Asylum: Can you share with us a little bit about your background and what your life was like growing up?

ShadrachASMR: Well, I had a normal childhood. I mainly played video games, watched anime, read manga, and watched a good share of television shows and films. I did read books every now and then.  I also did some creative writing, which I excelled at while growing up. Also, I am an artist to an extent.

Warlock Asylum: Can you please define what ASMR is for some of our readers who many not be familiar with the topic?

ShadrachASMR: ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. ASMR generates a tingling sensation from the scalp and upper body from stimuli called triggers. These triggers usually include quiet voices, calm mundane tasks, or receiving personal attention.

There is also roleplay involved in ASMR. Most roleplay activity includes personal attention and clinical examinations. Other times, people will play either original characters or create roleplays of famous characters.

Warlock Asylum: How long have you been involved in ASMR studies and what sparked your interest in the field?

ShadrachASMR: At first, I was a longtime fan of ASMR videos. In the beginning, I remember there was a group of people on YouTube who did whisper videos. When I began working nights (I work security by the way), I wanted something to help me sleep. A quick youtube search leads me to a woman named ASMR Darling. It was through her I found out about ASMR and ASMRtists.

ASMRtist is a term used to describe someone who creates ASMR videos. I heard somewhere it is pronounced “As MER Tist”.

I then began to watch ASMR videos created by a number of ASMRtists. Most notably Gibi ASMR, (Esc) Reality, Shanny ASMR, VisualSounds 1, BusyB ASMR and Seafoam Kitten. Eventually, I came across male ASMRtists such as FredsVoice, Tirar A Deguello, Zeitgeist ASMR, and Ephemeral Rift.

It was when I came across Luna Eclipse ASMR when things began to really intensify.  One day, I was watching one of Luna Eclipse ASMR’s videos and suddenly it dawned on me. “Why not make your own ASMR videos, Shadrach?” And so I did. My first ASMR video was a video of me petting my cat, and partner in crime, Annie.

When I obtained my first subscriber notification, I was in shock that Seafoam Kitten ASMR subscribed to me! I was like, “This is extraordinary!” I mean, it’s not every day a big name ASMRtist subscribes to my channel! From then on, I have been making videos.

Warlock Asylum: Most ASMR studies are aimed at relaxation. How does your work in the field of ASMR differ?

ShadrachASMR: My ASMR work does entail relaxation with some roleplays. However, with my videos, I am aiming to create an ongoing storyline. I first did such a thing in regard to Where Tingles Dare, which is a war-themed series. Once Where Tingles Dare wraps up, I have plans to create a Western-themed series.  That one has the working title of Slumber Gulch, I won’t say much about that but it’s going to happen.

I am also planning a Superhero ASMR series and quite possibly a Sci-Fi ASMR series. Not sure about the developments there, but they won’t be as long as Where Tingles Dare.

Warlock Asylum: How did you come up with the slogan “Where Tingles Dare” and what does it mean?

ShadrachASMR: The name “Where Tingles Dare” is a pun on Where Eagles Dare.  It is largely meant as a parody of the latter. It is also the name of my currently running ASMR war-themed roleplay series.

Where Tingles Dare is an ongoing 12-part series that chronicles a war with the Slumberland Republic against the dreaded Insomnia Empire. Each installment comes out once a month. And I’ve got Part 3 being edited right now. Part 4 is being written as we speak. I assume Part 5 or Part 6 will probably feature the dreaded Hypnos Extraction.

Warlock Asylum: What led to your decision to begin a YouTube channel with the same theme as this slogan?

ShadrachASMR: Where Tingles Dare, as I said, was derived from Where Eagles Dare. Which, again, I will say is a parody of that expression. I figured I show that it was my main series. Once I make my western ASMR series, Slumber Gulch, the title of that one will become my new channel slogan. Maybe I will stick to one. It’s too early to tell right now.

Warlock Asylum: Your YouTube Channel features a variety of ASMR videos. I noticed that some of the themes apply ASMR technologies roleplay scenarios and combat scenes. How do you think the use of ASMR in this regard will affect the participant?

ShadrachASMR: ASMR has been given a bad reputation for being accused of being sexual. However, that is not the case. ASMR is a lot of things, roleplay, quietness, and meditation. In regard to the combat scenes from WW2 and the Vietnam War, it was to show there is a war going on. It is to add to the storyline that two nations are at war over the world’s tingles. I also intentionally reduced the volume of the war ambiance to help with sleeping.

One reason I chose a war theme for this ASMR series was to do something that was never done before. Now, do not get me wrong. There have been various ASMRtists who have done military-themed roleplays, but nothing in regard to an ongoing series. I wish I had ASMRtists willing to collaborate with me on this project. Yet, the ASMRtists I have planned to star in Where Tingles Dare come in two varieties. Either they are unwilling to do it, or they have sadly fallen out with me. Perhaps, I should go at it alone.

In regard to my other ASMR videos, they are either roleplays of various characters or simple things. These simple things include eating food, assembling puzzles, or coloring.

Warlock Asylum: Can you share with us some of the experiences that some of your followers have had to work with your ASMR techniques?

ShadrachASMR: I’ve had a number of comments on my videos expressing their admiration for my work. Not just on Where Tingles Dare, but other ASMR roleplays. Two of my most popular ASMR roleplays I have done are a Star Trek roleplay and a My Hero Academia roleplay where I roleplayed as the character Eraserhead. 

One of my ASMR videos that are not related to role play that is highly popular features me eating sardines and mustard. In fact, I create eating ASMR videos every now and then as filler for my channel. I have a few page-turning ASMR videos, but not so much. When it comes to popularity, I am not as popular as various other ASMRtists. Nor as well renowned. Despite this, I will continue onward. Got to start somewhere, right?

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the life lessons that you’ve learned since creating a platform for ASMR?

ShadrachASMR: Allow me to state a few things: One, I have learned more in the way of acting. This is because of the various characters and roleplays I have done as a result of my ASMR videos. Secondly, I have also discovered how to create green-screen effects for my videos.

As for the main lesson, I have learned is a big one. It involves my relationships with other ASMRtists. I have sadly fallen out with a number of talented ASMRtists. It really hurts very much just thinking about how a rift exists between me and such amazing people.

Warlock Asylum: What were some of the obstacles that you had to overcome in order to make you dream of ASMR a reality?

ShadrachASMR: I am not very popular in the ASMR Community. There have been times where I wanted to walk away from the ASMR Community. All of this stems from a fallout I had with a well-known ASMRtist. I do not wish to describe the details pertaining to this dispute. This has even grown to a point where several ASMRtists do not wish to talk to me or have anything to do with me.  This is because of some personal issues in my life. Interestingly enough, this dispute has helped me question my personal issues as of late.

I do have faith that those who I fell out with will come around. I hope they do because I really would like for them to be a part of these projects I have going on. But first, I got to work on improving myself.

Where Tingles Dare is my pet project. I plan on seeing it to completion. Another issue I have is obtaining props and supplies and editing equipment has been a major obstacle in itself. My computer is over ten years old, which by today’s standards, it would make it an antique. So I have to carefully edit my videos lest my computer crash.

Warlock Asylum: Where do you see ASMR five years from now?

ShadrachASMR: That is up in the air. On one hand, ASMR may seem to be around and might become a staple of Youtube Videos. However, there is also the possibility of ASMR being a trend of the decade. Regardless of what happens, I can only hope for the best.

Some of the most popular ASMRists such as Gibi ASMR, Zeitgeist ASMR, and ASMR Darling have huge fan bases. Altogether, they have an estimated five million between them. As for me, I am aiming to hopefully have a fan base of maybe ten million! I know it sounds farfetched, but I can only dream. I would be happy if I had a small but loyal fan base.

Warlock Asylum: How has ASMR improved your relationship with life and the bonds you have created with friends and family?

ShadrachASMR: ASMR has helped me sleep better at night…or rather…in the daytime. I work the night shift on my regular job so it helps to have something for sleep. When it comes to friends and family, only a few of my friends know I create ASMR videos. My family does not know about it. I’ve heard reports of other ASMRtists who had family members discover their work and were blasted for it. Therefore, I do not wish to tell anyone else outside of the ASMR Community about my ASMR work.  Yet, all of my ASMR work will go on my ever-growing acting resume.

Warlock Asylum: How can our readers learn more about your work? Any final thoughts?

ShadrachASMR: The best way for anyone to learn more about my work is to subscribe to my YouTube channel, ShadrachASMR. To contact me on a personal level, I also have a Twitter, which is also called ShadrachASMR. I am prepared to talk to my fans, friends, and any newcomer who discovers my channel and my work. Here is to looking forward to meeting anyone who drops on by WHERE TINGLES DARE!!

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