Originally from Sandersville, Georgia, Kelvin Wilcher aka Yung Kel Da Bos has an eclectic rap style that is sure to grab your attention. The vibrant wordsmith’s passion for music stretches back to his youth. At twelve years of age, Yung Kel Da Bos began rapping in school ciphers. Later in 2002, he would later unveil his lyrical skills at a talent show hosted in Washington County where he earned third place.

Yung Kel Da Bos became a hard earner during his teenage years when he was forced to leave his high school studies and get a job in order to aid his immediate family. Ironically, this drive for survival and monetary continuity is what led him to later find label MPR (Money Pile Records) with his good friends One Way, Magic Lamb, and MP. Da Bos then continued to strive for greatness and started booking shows in Columbus, Georgia at Club Martinez.

Since embarking on the entrepreneurial path, Yung Kel Da Bos has worked hard to publicize the uniqueness of his brand, music, and platform. He would later drop his first mixtape titled Y.O.L.O with music partner Meeza Chico, which was followed by the “W.A.C.O da mixtape” and “Dead Drunk Da Mixtape”. Yung Kel Da Bos released his debut album in February of 2020, including hit singles, “Y’all Done Turnt Me Up” (feat. Mann-E), and ”Twerk” (feat. Dekoy), which is available on all digital platforms. Yung Kel Da Bos brings a newness to the rap game that can’t be repeated. Salute!


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