The musical innovativeness of Spiritual Machinery continues to evolve as evident from their latest track titled Alma le Coquillage (English: Alma the Shell). While Spiritual Machinery has always brandished a taste for the avant-garde, the new release seems to indicate an entirely new approach to recording. Alma le Coquillage was composed by band member Hakan Sunar. The composition also features production by sound designer and noted thereminist Nori Ubukata. Female vocalist Cynthia Caubisens provides a wonderful performance that shapes the direction of the track.

Alma le Coquillage’s dark opening of mysterious synth measures and erratic percussive sounds work well in capturing our attention in expectation for what will follow. Instantly the track shifts into an incredibly funky groove with a prominent bassline and distinct drum sequence. The track takes flight as Cynthia begins her poetic French narrative of Alma, who retreats to the ocean depths because of the pain she has experienced and retires to her shell for a time. Perhaps, Spiritual Machinery is sharing one of the hardest life lessons we all have to endure through an analogy that exists in nature, in the ocean depths of our own hearts. Alma le Coquillage by Spiritual Machinery is one of their finest works to date and fully illustrates the degree of contemplative thought that goes into good music.


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