Discussions about creating human colonies on Mars got a bit more serious after NASA’s Viking Project became the first mission to land a spacecraft safely on the surface of another planet. Since this time, many theories have sprouted about building human colonies on Mars. One profound thought comes from a new Martian Presidential Candidate For 2020. I recently got a chance to talk with him and found our dialogue to be an informative one. Enjoy!

Warlock Asylum: Thanks for taking the time to share some information about your platform with our readers. Please introduce yourself. Who is Kenntron aka Kenneth Arthur Sanders?

Kenntron: I am the candidate for the President of Mars. I am a phantom of the Green Party. I am Kenntron.

Warlock Asylum: What is the Kenntron For President of Mars 2020 Campaign all about?

Kenntron: Establishing a government for Mars that will ready longevity for the first few generations of people living in the Martian colonies. We want a permanent home on Earth and on the big red planet.

Warlock Asylum: Can you share a few things about your life’s philosophy?

Kenntron: My life’s work will take around 1,000 years to complete. I mean to be around, by any means necessary, to see it through. My philosophy is that there are paths to take toward any vision within logic a person can conceive. Like a math equation, you see physicists write all over an entire wall of a chalkboard to equal the solution. I am doing my math. Get an A in math. If there are two things I absolutely trust, I trust patterns and math.

Warlock Asylum: Some people would reason that humans would only contaminate Mars like it has Earth. How would you, or do you, respond to this perspective?

Kenntron: Some people compare humanity to a virus. I do not subscribe to that. I am deeply offended by that. I believe, if we are going to contrast and compare, human beings operate more like fungus, productive, and suspiciously intelligent. We have polluted some of the Earth, nothing that nature couldn’t cure over a few years if left alone. We also are amassing control over Earth’s ecosystems with what we’ve done.

We have the ability to prevent desertification from ever happening on Earth again, so long as the Sun is shining. A contaminant will destroy host to host to spread. We are regenerative in nature. When we go to Mars, we will enrich the soil, air, and water, and in doing so learn new and innovative ways to better enrich our Earth.

Warlock Asylum: You served in the Green Party as Chairman of Summit County. What did you learn from that experience and how did it shape your worldview?

Kenntron: I learned how formidable in politics I truly am. My power to move the party shocked me. It was my first experience being recognized as a figure in politics. I had an idea of how the inner workings of the American Green Party operated.

Upon interacting with the Ohio Green Party state central committee, I found out very quickly why Green candidates lose every election that I voted Green. The party itself is lost from its foundation of world peace and now disrupting to a candidate’s organic movement. Candidates really steer the ship of organizers with or without a central committee directed by the Board of Elections.

My worldview of the Greens changed at a state party meeting in Ohio. I heard the Chairman of Ohio Green Party, Nathaniel Lane, before he was Chairman, push the organizers to aim for a mere 3% of the vote. That is as far as his vision could see, an absolute loss set by the very government assembly he means to undo. Up to that point, I’d thought political parties try to win elections.

The American Green Party has an attitude set by the electorate to chase a losing percentage, and that was unacceptable to I the voter. I pushed the leaders of losing in the group to envision a win and showed them how to do it. I will accept any challenge from anyone within Ohio Green Party to debate and win.

Warlock Asylum: How has the feedback been for Kenntron For President of Mars 2020 Campaign, and in what ways has it affected your relationships with friends and family?

Kenntron: People close to me really seem to get on board with my ideas. My coworkers are amused. A few people have asked for their own flying car. I’ve been categorized with the likes of Vermin Supreme, and that is incorrect. He is satire. His policies are laughable. My policies are very real and impending.

There are a couple of people that try to color me villainous about my campaign. For example, as President, I plan to trigger a volcanic eruption in 2021. I’m at the local arcade bar in Akron, Raycade, and somebody was arguing with me about the potential dangers of my Blast The Volcano event. My response, out-of-control volcanic activity caused the biggest mass extinction and I want humans to have a handle on that as soon as possible. I’d hate for the colonies on Mars to learn that ¾ the Earth population has been wiped out by the Yellowstone Super Volcano… Not to mention how fun it is going to be blowing the Martian volcano’s once we figure this thing out.

My supporters will be who the earliest generations on Mars will talk about when they live their lives. My campaign committee is very supportive. We consist of a Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Press, Secretary of Quantum Internet, and Secretary of Video Games, and we are building from the ground up to the new ground.

Warlock Asylum: Along with a message of world peace, the Kenntron Campaign has also adopted the slogan “Yeet the Bees”. What is the meaning of this phrase and how does its work into the scheme of the campaign?

Kenntron: Thanks for asking. We’re saving the bees. My platform includes yeeting bees to Mars in 2022. We put a self-sustaining bee colony on a rocket, yeet that colony to Mars, and we have a colony of bees on Mars growing thriving when before humans arrive, the bees are saved.

Warlock Asylum: Where can we expect to see Kenneth Arthur Sanders five years from now? Any final thoughts?

Kenntron: I will be passing the baton from a flying car after my first term as President of Mars. I want celebrity endorsements for my campaign this year. I want Cliff Dogg the bastard heir to the throne of Sweden and Dago Ducqets to endorse my campaign.

Thank you Kemmtron for the educational glimpse into your Presidential Campaign For Mars 2020. Wishing you all the best in your political endeavors. Readers can stay abreast with Kenntron’s work by visiting his Facebook page:


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