Based out of the beneficent city of Fargo, North Dakota, the country-rock band 32 Below ignite the music world with their new single ‘Such A Waste”. Comprised of band members Tyler Steinle, Eric Longnecker, Matthew Tinjum, and Aaron Pond, 32 Below’s integrity of musicianship can be seen in their live shows. The group hits the stage on an average of 120 times a year. 32 Below’s sonic professionality is captured in their new tune Such A Waste.

Such A Waste opens with a compelling acoustic guitar strum that is introspective and warm. In the backdrop, this charming melody is further enhanced by atmospheric sounds of flaring electric guitar swells and driving percussion, which serve as a virtual podium for an awesome male vocal performance venture into cerebral lands. 32 Below add a triumphant break of fiddle that makes Such A Waste and instant favorite and well worth the time.


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