Based out of Colorado, the dream-pop duo known as Vivian has procured a distinct and sophisticated sound with their new album The Warped Glimmer. Comprised of members Alana Rolfe and Tim Massa, Vivian’s new album is not only musically brilliant but is a personal note about life’s transformative property that culminates in love.

Vivian’s new single and title track to their latest album The Warped Glimmer totes an irresistible groove that infuses both acoustic and electronic instrumentation into its sonic landscape. The Warped Glimmer’s hazy aesthetic adds a taste of timelessness to the overall composition that takes us to another world and acts as a podium Alana Rolfe’s vocal charms. The Warped Glimmer by Vivian is experimental, innovative, but most assuredly wrapped in the emotional fervor of love.



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