As a lifelong student of the rap game, Rasshun Johnson aka Nasir Da Great emerges as a unique bar-caster and lyricist. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Nasir comes from a big family with good principles. A large part of his childhood was spent under the tutelage of his mother, who was a single parent.

Nasir began to take music more seriously when he realized its transformative power and ability to create a better means of living for oneself. Among his many influences are T.I., Maroon 5, and Outkast. Currently, Nasir Da Great is building up his musical catalog and the prosperity of his brand. He has open for large venues like Miami Live and The Trap Music Awards. Nasir’s vocal flexibility shines through on his recent offerings like Never Fall Apart and the inspiring Dedication. Nasir Da Great is one to ride with as success is the final destination.




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