The vibrant singer and songwriter Liana Peklivanas aka Apalosbreeze has certainly become a fountain of creativity. Under her stage name Apalosbreeze,  she has released an album and an ep in less than a year.  This beautiful musical diva has an undying passion for her craft of choice, which she exemplifies in every performance and undertaking.

Twenty Three is the title of Apalosbreeze’s debut album. The project is comprised of nine songs that ring dear to Apalosbreeze’s unique style of hymn. The album is superbly produced and makes strong use of crisp and organic instrumentation. Apalosbreeze captures our hearts from the start of Twenty Three with exceptional offerings like Value of Love and Absent. Apalosbreeze is able to weave a stirring tapestry of love-themed songs into the basket of Twenty Three with an acoustic and minimalist approach to sound, which is further enhanced by her performance in song as we find in the masterful tune titled Letter To My Younger Self.  

Letter To My Younger Self is an impeccable testimony of Apalosbreeze’s musical genius and effervescent potentiality as an artist. Apalosbreeze delves deep into the realms of introspection and healing through the song’s structure and it’s an emotional force. The Circle is another gem from the Twenty Three treasure chest that excels in its exploration of the uncharted territory of the soul.  Apalosbreeze speaks to the finer essence of her audience with an onliest vocal tone of its kind.

Apalosbreeze expands upon her acoustic charms of chorale in her new EP titled Acoustic Mood. It is obvious from the song’s title that we find Apalosbreeze’s embrace of acoustic melody to be one of profound creativity and inventiveness. Acoustic Mood is comprised of four irresistible tracks that reveal some of the depths of hos Apalosbreeze is able to translate her life’s perspective into song for the sake of healing, loving, and enjoying some amazing music.

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