The multi-talented spoken word artist and gem-dropping diva Mona Bode stirs up an alluring episode of romanticism with a tasty encounter embodied in a jazz-blues fusion called An Amazing Night Part 2. The track is a hall of fame collaborative effort featuring additional lyrical contributions from the legendary Iyaba Ibo Mandingo and production by Mark Murrille.

An Amazing Night is truly a cinematic jewel that casts light on the depth that spoken word can enchant any innocent bystander. The track begins with a phone message from Iyaba about a passionate night spent between two charming wordsmiths who are caught up in the embrace of nude sentences and dripping pronouns that elegantly find peace against a terrain of bass and synth. The music is equally intoxicating as it is hypnotic. The crisp drum patterns and quivering phrases of the saxophone provide a suitable podium for the pleasure of grammar.

As Iyabo fades into the realm of background harmonies, “waiting all day for his love to come home,” Mona opens her journal of shared ecstasy that evolves into a standing ovation of proverbial climaxes that brandishes the purity of any scrumptious rendezvous. Like a painter of prose, Mona straddles the toxicity of good sex with admirable haikus – wooing into our subconscious minds. It’s a night of passion, but indeed an episode that should not escape the notice.