5 thoughts on “Simon Necronomicon Lesson 4: What Does It Mean When a Gate Has Been Broken?

  1. Magick La Croix says:

    So on point with this. I refused to teach others about things until I have had an understanding of it myself and have had some years within and practice. This applies greatly to the Simon Nec as well….I have been in for years now and just now giving guidance to a few others. It is only responsible to do so…..great information as usual sir…..keep doing what you do

    1. Magick La Croix…thank you very much. Your comments are deeply appreciated as platforms on these topics don’t often receive a lot of feedback. I guess people are shy to step forward. All platforms and your channel should be equally supported. I will discuss this in the video . Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. Glad to see you back at it. Have you heard of the band Morbid Angel? Trey Azagthoth, the guitarist and band leader, has always included Necronomicon mythology in the music since the mid 80’s and has openly discussed using the tome in interviews. His commentary often mirrors yours. Check out the lyrics to this album, as well as a whole invocation Trey created following the lyrics: http://www.darklyrics.com/lyrics/morbidangel/formulasfataltotheflesh.html

    1. Thanks very much! I have heard of the band, but never investigated deeply their material. I will do so now and follow up on the link. Thanks!

  3. Magick La Croix says:

    Not a problem brother, anytime. I have had to warn people about doing “extra” things when it comes to this system because it can lead to many problems and just stick with it the way it is laid out. I like how you said people want to “alchemize” it a certain way when you just simply cannot do that when it comes to this system…it is perfect and strong as it is with no extras needed…..

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