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Visions of a Perfect Life by Liam Moore

I had the honor of getting familiar with the music of composer and musician Liam Moore during my review of his leadoff single Cosmic Noon. The song is from his upcoming album Visions of a Perfect Life, which is set for release on August 28th, 2020. Liam Moore has a very crisp Americana sound that incorporates elements of blues, folk-rock, jazz, and rock music genres that are formed into a free-spirited fusion and melodic landscape of artistic charm.

Visions of a Perfect Life is a wonderful 10-track album and features some of the world’s best songwriting and acoustic instrumentation to date. Ironically, the album opens with Cosmic Noon. Succeeding tracks like Finis and The Slouch work well in adding diversity to the project. Liam Moore isn’t shy about letting his inventiveness shy. In complementary respects, Visions of a Perfect Life is reminiscent of the work of Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. However, in this post-modern era, Liam Moore’s work as a composer is secured by notes of originality. Visions of a Perfect Life by Cosmic Noon is truly a masterpiece!

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