Sandeep Kumar Mishra is an artist, educator, and gifted poet. Sandeep’s love for life and intellect often expresses itself in his work. Sandeep’s poetry collection One Heart – Many Breaks, was a number #1 new release on Amazon. I had the opportunity to ask the creative genius about his life and background. Enjoy!


Warlock Asylum: Before we begin, I would like to say thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share a few insights about your life and career with our readers today. It is our custom that we ask for you to introduce yourself. Who is Sandeep Kumar Mishra?

Sandeep Kumar Mishra: I am an outsider artist and lecturer in English Literature and political science and also the art teacher at Kishlaya Outsider Art Academy. I have edited a collection of poems – Pearls (2002) and written a professional guidebook -How To Be (2016) and Story Mirror Author of the Year nominee-2019 and staff writer at various magazines.

Warlock Asylum: What was life like for you during your formative years?

Sandeep Kumar Mishra: I come for a poor economic background. I did my bachelor’s and masters while working which is a rare thing for us. Life was hard mentally and emotionally because of poor understanding between family members. Whenever I feel rejected and helpless, which was the case every day, I would write about my situation.

Warlock Asylum: Tell us how your life as an artist began? What attracted you to writing poetry?

Sandeep Kumar Mishra: I am very classicist by nature. I like all that is historical. I admire nature. I wish for those golden old days. I am an outsider in both poetry and art fields. I have no training of any kind and I don’t read much. Since childhood, I’ve had an interest in painting. I used to put paintings on my notebook covers. I didn’t go to parties with friends. Whenever I had time, I just do drawings and write poems.

Warlock Asylum: Tell us about your book One Heart – Many Breaks and how it felt when you had news that it reached number #1 on Amazon’s new release list?

Sandeep Kumar Mishra: Autobiographical poetry that plunges into modern times, regrets, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Most of them are poetic reflections of personal emotions and situations that I endured. The poems cover a twenty-year span of life events and true and purged feelings. When I saw it as listed number #1, I felt I have achieved a lot as a writer. It’s every writer’s wish that his work is read and appreciated.


Warlock Asylum: What were some of the things that you learned about art and poetry during the writing of One Heart – Many Breaks?

Sandeep Kumar Mishra: I have used my paintings and drawings which I did during my life thus far. My little daughter, aged nine, has also contributed some drawings. You can say that this collection is the savings of my life, my emotions, feelings, and everything which a human being experiences in life.

Warlock Asylum: How has the feedback been for One Heart – Many Breaks thus far?

Sandeep Kumar Mishra: One thing you will be surprised to know is that my book hasn’t received any negative reviews or ratings. Although it’s still in the early phases of release, still a rare thing. I am very much elated about the response.

Warlock Asylum: Tell about your experience working as an art instructor at Kishlaya Outsider Art Academy and how it has enriched your life?

Sandeep Kumar Mishra: I am a teacher in English Literature and Political Science, but I am always inclined towards art. So, I opened this academy to give vent to my art self. It’s an outsider academy that doesn’t have formal training but still teaching other interested students.

Warlock Asylum: What can readers expect to hear from Sandeep Kumar Mishra in the near future? Any projects on the horizon? Final thoughts?

Sandeep Kumar Mishra: I keep writing whenever I have time. It’s my pastime and passion. Maybe another collection in near future. I am not a professional writer so I can’t say when. I just request to all my readers a hearty thanks for their love.

*On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to wish Sandeep Kumar Mishra all the best in his artistic and earthly endeavors. Wishing you all the best and thanks once again!

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