Based out of Pennsylvania, the creative and witty award-winning singer and songwriter Stacy Gabel captures our hearts once again with her new single Stir Crazy. The multi-talented performer is often noted for her endless inventiveness and professionalism. She has performed at many venues in both New York City and Los Angeles.

Stir Crazy is an upbeat tune that paints a portrait of the world’s current state of affairs. Stacy keeps the vibe hopeful with lyrics of encouragement and a melodic portrayal on how to get back to the basics. Musically, Stir Crazy easily draws us into its charming soundscape by means of its driving acoustic rhythm that seems warm, and in some ways familiar. Stacy’s vocal expertise and harmonics really give Stir Crazy another layer of depth. The tune is further enhanced by a music video, which was wonderfully filmed & directed by Reid Carrescia. Stir Crazy by Stacy Gabel is just what we need in these “interesting” times.



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