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Hemos Vuelto del Abismo by Como Asesinar a Felipes


Originally from Chile, Como Asesinar a Felipes, also known as CAF, introduces their new single “Hemos Vuelto del Abismo” (Mixhell Remix -featuring Laima Leyton and Sepultura’s founding member Iggor Cavalera) and; the second remix “Hemos Vuelto del Abismo Dub” is a dub mix by iconic Jamaican dub producer, Scientist.

The group’s cutting-edge sound is a gifted fusion of hip-hop, classical, jazz, and psychedelia. Como Asesinar a Felipes is Koala Contreras (voice), Cristian Gallardo (sax, flute), Felipe Metraca (drums), and SebaBala (bass DJ Sp@cio: samples, scratches). Hemos Vuelto del Abismo certainly has a distinct flavor that you’ll find both memorable and inventive. It is truly an incredible experience that is anchored by the track’s driving beat, an enchanting mix of analog and digital instrumentation, and remarkable lyricism. Hemos Vuelto del Abismo by Como Asesinar a Felipes is one of the greatest musical creations of 2020.