Blake Wharton is a true visionary of the post-modern era with a passion for adventure and artistry. He is a motocross racer and a very inventive singer/songwriter. Amazingly, Blake is able to put his all into both paths while contributing to the enjoyment and quality of life for the greater community at large. His single titled The Sweetest Love is a perfect example of the depth of talent that Blake Wharton possesses.

The Sweetest Love is an upbeat charmer that grabs the listener by the ear with its crisp instrumentation and fond sense of musicality. The song’s sonic terrain is a nice fusion of Americana and modern rock overtones. Led by acoustic guitar strums and sharp drumming, we are seduced by The Sweetest Love’s warm rhythm. As the track progresses, a taste of banjo and Blake Wharton’s vocal expertise all work to make this an enjoyable ride. Sincerity in the arms of true talent makes The Sweetest Love all that romance should be. Bravo!


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