International singer and songwriter Dejhare (pronounced Dei-Jhar) is continually in creative motion and using her artsy talent to inspire others. The last time we visited the beautiful singer was during my review of her recent album Unbreakable. Since this time, Dejhare has gained a wide following and an avid amount of press exposure. She now offers humanity a timely message in her new song  Do What You Gotta Do.

Dejhare latest track is an introspective look at 2020’s elephant in the room – Covid 19, minus the heaviness topics of this sort can bring. Instead, Do What You Gotta Do invites the listener into its quarters with a warm and catchy groove. Dejhare adorns the tune’s upbeat rhythm with a melodic and clear overview of the daily lives of so many people placed under restrictions because of the pandemic. Dejhare spreads a message of optimism and surviving through these times of uncertainty over an electro-pop and synth-laden terrain whole emphasizing the importance of wearing a mask.

Do What You Gotta Do has a clever lyric video that brings a certain amount of peace and fun in these troubled times. Once again, Dejhare reveals her uniqueness in a timely song that is a breath of fresh air.


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