Often noted as one of the pillars of the Necronomicon Empire, Brother Amadi has evolved into a world scholar and true occult scientist. He is versed in many fields of esoteric studies and has gifted members of our community and those in pursuit of the arcane faith with a true treasure chest of wisdom in his release of a new book under the pseudonym Solomon Mikavel, entitled Liber Angelis: A Book of Prayers & Angelic Power. This is a fabulous text for the serious initiate seeking to utilize the universe’s true transformative power.

Solomon Mikavel has done a tremendous job in piercing into the hidden knowledge of Angelic Magic, the Names of God, and many of the mysteries surrounding the Kabbalah. Liber Angelis is wonderfully put together as the reader can see the care taken in the tome’s production. The tome is easy-to-follow reading and based on how the text is structured is meant strictly for the practicing alchemist. The tome opens with cordial salutations and then we find the author’s notes of reassurance, preface, most welcoming and effective in creating anticipation for what is next.

As we. Proceed forward in the tome, we find a list of prayers practical. For every aspect of life that derives from long-sought-after alchemical formulas used by adepts in secret and consist of the invocation of angelic names. This is information that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Next, we find The Golden Key, which is one of my favorite sections of the book thus far. This segment of the text focuses on mental exercises and training the mind through affirmations and other methods. Hebrew Names of God follows. Author Solomon Mikavel not only defines the sacred names of God with their scriptural correspondences but utilizes this area of the text to discuss additional names of power and their attributes. Mikavel concludes Liber Angelis with a stunning on the Book of Psalms and its use Sepher Shimmush Tehillim and how it can be used for a variety of situations, including health.

Overall, Liber Angelis is crafted for the initiate to get the best out of life and survive in a world of uncertainty. It gives very straightforward in its premise and effectiveness. The author effectively utilized the material in the book with the Calling of the Watcher. Liber Angelis: A Book of Prayers & Angelic Power is a sterling masterpiece and a necessary part of any occult scientist’s library.

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