Hailing from the blessed state of New Jersey, true Renaissance woman and pop-soul songstress Em has spread her melodic wings over the ears of true music enthusiasts for quite a transcendent experience. Em’s voice is unforgettably enchanting as she uses her talents to influence others in an inspiring and positive way.

Although 2020 has been a turbulent year, we have been blessed with the angelic charms of Em’s taste of chorale and endearing creativity, which resulted in a slew of new music that has brought a sense of peace amid into our lives. The profound depth of Em’s work is quite an extensive topic and I thought our readers would greatly benefit from an expanded review of her musical releases in 2020 over the course of a few articles beginning with the album Pathway To Aetheria.

Em’s 8-track effort is imbued with soulful observations of life and some of the spiritual meanings behind the ritual of living. Pathway To Aetheria opens with a brilliant collaborative effort with Paul McMahon titled Clear Is The Way.  This enchanting duet examines love and its many reflective forms found in nature and other facets of the human family. The track also sets an impressive tone of acoustic sounds and instrumentation that is prevalent throughout the album.

Pathway To  Aetheria radiates its inventive magic with other tracks like the dancehall influenced Fly With Wings, which also unveils much of Em’s range as a singer. This succulent tune is sure to have your lips repeating its premise again and again. Em concludes Pathway To Aetheria with a lovely upbeat charm called The Comeback. Like much of the album it exemplifies, The Comeback represents a crossroads appeal of generation-mending music that Em utilizes to craft each song appearing on the project. Em and her fabulous way of being is what makes Pathway To Aetheria a masterpiece of the ages. Bravo!

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