Based out of Stone Mountain, Georgia, business owners Greg R. Jackson, and Fisher D. Gaddy are setting a new precedent in entrepreneurship with their company Righteous Goodz GA LLC. The company aims to act as a facilitator for the products and services offered by black-owned businesses, making these commodities easily assessable to the general public. The owners have expressed that they would like to ‘have a store like Walmart that sells all minority-owned products and offer workshops and training programs’ for the communities that Righteous Goodz serves.

Operating at the helm of this electrifying business model, both Jackson and Gaddy possess a wealth of practical experience when it comes to instilling growth in the African American community. This is a theme that is amply carried by the name Righteous Goodz and is in sync with the organization’s main agenda, self-empowerment. Righteous Goodz seeks to create financial literacy in impoverished neighborhoods and provide transformative tools for the less fortunate.

Over the past 20 years, Righteous Goodz has a history of engineering back-to-school giveaways and events. In 2021, the company is partnering with the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation to establish mentorship programs and job training assistance for youth and adults. Righteous Goodz understands the struggle and the resources that it takes to break the strains of economic depression. The fact that has consistently been on the frontlines is an effort that is truly worthy of our cooperation and support. Salute!

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