Martha Wash is an amazing vocalist and enjoys the success of being a household name. She is the voice behind such hits like It’s Raining Men, Everybody Everybody, and Strike It Up to name a few. Originally from San Francisco, Martha’s musical legacy stretches back to the days of early childhood. Her new album Love & Conflict employ’s Martha’s candid signature style of moving lyricism for everyday people and her powerful and soul-infused taste of chorale.

Love & Conflict represents a look into Martha Wash’s journal as a professional musician and how to survive the shadow sides of the industry, a topic featured in her recent interview with Rolling Stone. The album begins with the striking and emotional airs of Glamour Flows, the timelessness of the track, and its rich array of instrumentation, which contributes to the song’s musical terrain, which is absolutely impeccable.  Martha Wash never sounded better and the accompanying sounds of trumpet, rhythm guitar, strings, and piano, work to put the listener at the crossroads of a timeless musicality

The album totes a strong flare of soul music with streaming elements of blues, funk, and r&b along its borders. Martha Wash comes with a fervent and inspiring message that is a pleasure to digest in these days and times and is brilliantly triumphant on tracks like Like Fire and Don’t Forget My Name. Her performance on Flowers Blossom constitutes one of the best ballads ever. Love & Conflict is a true masterpiece and precedent in musicianship, singing, and sound engineering. Martha Wash is soul music’s living queen. Bravo!


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