Singer and songwriter Cody Lee turn up the flames on the music world once again with the release of his album Woodpecker Crisis. The last time we visited the songster was during the release of his epic track New Normal. The single was a great introduction to a wider catalog of music that was to follow – Woodpecker Crisis.

Woodpecker Crisis is comprised of nine tracks and encompasses some of the best music recorded under the Americana genre to date. Cody Lee enchants the listener with a fresh organic that really lights up the speakers with tracks like Ruin and California. Woodpecker Crisis also demonstrates a rich musical terrain of instrumentation. All too often in Americana music, we find artists refusing to move beyond cliché formulas and just sticking to regurgitated efforts. However, Cody Lee takes the sure track of delivering us the best sound ever by focusing on the production of the song s much as the creation of its melody, opening the door to different dimensions with each and every track.

Woodpecker Crisis is a fabulous journey embedded with amazing musicianship and lyrical prose. Cody Lee’s distinct vocalization throughout the album is a cement bed of warmth and adds great depth to the project. In many ways, his vocal style has a refreshing flavor reminiscent of John Cougar Mellencamp, but in the originality of this era – here and now.

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