Brian Kild has a remarkable life story and musical history that features run-ins with the law and well-known music personalities, as in the likes of being in the same correctional facility with Rick James or stealing gas from Kurt Corbain’s . Today, Kild fuels much of his free-spiritedness through music. Kild’s brainchild and musical group Electric Peace are the masterminds behind a rich a growing catalog of artistry. The band’s latest release “Dinah Might” is certainly one to grow on.

Dinah Might is an upbeat rocker with an underground feel. The theme of Dinah Might appears to celebrate the romanticism of meeting a sweetheart in the surfer’s world. The bassline is a throwback to the early-70’s rock sound and garage band era. Electric Peace is able to draw the listener into their schematic by implementing a retro vibe. Dinah Might by Electric Peace is one tune that can certainly ignite a cult following.


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