American-Israeli rapper and producer Nissim Black continues to find new ways to pioneer hip-hop originality that speaks for the concerns of everyday life and many of the struggles that we face as human beings. As a proponent of the Jewish faith, Nissim is a living testimony of the religion’s diversity and the multi-faceted artistry of the rap genre.

In 2020, Nissim ignited the music world with a spectacular tune titled Best Friend. The track has a bright synergy and an easy ear-grabber. Nissim’s flow continues to evolve as he spits bars in stride effortlessly.  He expresses his love for music as a man loves a woman, a theme that expresses Nissim’s unique brand of creativity. Best Friend has a great music video that reveals the rapper’s ability to get in character and some of his animated musings behind the mic. Best Friend has a positive vibe and wonderfully demonstrates the fruitage that is produced by rappers with integrity. It is with great honor that I am happy to announce Best Friend by Nissim Black as the recipient of the Warlock Asylum International News 2021 Rap Song of the Year Award. Congratulations to Nissim Black and his growing legacy!

Warlock Asylum International News 2021 Rap Song of the Year: Best Friend by Nissim Black

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