Based out of New York, singer and songwriter Neil Jacobson delivers a fabulous work with the release of his new album titled Sliver Park. As a producer, Jacobson has worked with numerous artists from various genres and has composed extensively for television. Sliver Park is Jacobson’s fourth solo album.

Sliver Park is a crisp and eclectic musical treasure chest that possesses a rich and organic sound. Fashioned in the golden threads of Americana, Neil Jacobson puts together some magnificent grooves flavored with Dylan-styled lyricism.

The earthiness of Sliver Park is very inviting. The album opens with a superb track entitled I’m Trying. The song’s rock organ and guitar play are effective in setting the mood for what will follow. Neil Jacobson enchants us with an excellent vocal performance that keeps the listener in a trance. Tracks like Voodoo and Lightening are perfect examples of his proverbial sense of chorale. Overall, Sliver Park by Neil Jacobson is an album that will keep you in its embrace.

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