On Thursday, February 11th, 2021 at exactly 2:06 p.m. EST and 23 degrees of the sign of Aquarius, the New Moon will come into fruition once again. This is a particularly powerful time as both the New Moon and Sun are both in Aquarius. During this time, the heavens are a mixed bag of emotions. The New Moon is conjunct Mercury square Mars, so there may be some tensions in some aspects of communications, but more of the nature of forgotten words.

Another essential stellar event occurring during the time of this Aquarian New Moon is a significant conjunction between Venus and Jupiter. The two planets will be a mere 0.4 degrees apart and this aspect is good for nurturing the power of love, but also a time to reflect and reevaluating and coming to the realization of the people who care about you and have cared for you. The New Moon is an excellent time to plant seeds and cultivate friendships and relationships in the process of building better surroundings.

Personal growth and learning from those around us is emphasized during this time. We are a human family and collective. Our interaction with those around us is not the only indication of our personal aims, but the building blocks of character and morality. This Aquarian New Moon will set the tone for what relationships we must end while nurturing those that truly belong to us.

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