As a brilliant writer and author of some of the most innovative themes in fiction and sci-fi, J. Edwards Holt has a keen taste for being able to motivate others through fiction. About a year ago, I had the distinct honor of interviewing Mr. Holt about his novel series the “Little Men, Big Treasures” trilogy. He has now released a new title called Barrenworld: Curse of the Warlord’s Chalice. Today, we will talk with J. Edwards Holt about his book and sources of inspiration. Enjoy!

Warlock Asylum: J. Edwards Holt it’s certainly an honor to meet up once again. Before we get into your latest book, can you please introduce yourself to some of our readers who may not be familiar with your work.?

J. Edwards Holt: Yes, of course. I’m J. Edwards Holt. I’m an author of fantasy fiction. I currently have five young adult novels on the market as well as a children’s book and a comic book. My books have been enjoyed by younger people as well as older ones. You can learn more about me on my website:

Warlock Asylum: Your last novel series and trilogy entitled “Little Men, Big Treasures” was a great success. What are some of the things that you learned as a writer from this initial experience?

J. Edwards Holt: From the start of my first book to this one, it’s definitely been a bumpy road. There have been a lot of challenges and frustrations to overcome, but I’ve learned so much since I first became an author. My advice to anyone who’s thinking about writing their first book to go for it but be careful. Be sure to do all your research before trusting a publisher, because not all of them are really interested in your book. But also just be prepared to learn a lot — sometimes the hard way.

Warlock Asylum: Congratulations on the successful release of your latest book Barrenworld: Curse of the Warlord’s Chalice. How did this new novel come to life?

J. Edwards Holt: Barrenworld is a story that I’ve had in my head for a long time. As I’ve mentioned in my most recent blog post, I can remember thinking about the story as a child and acting it out with toys. It’s something I’ve always thought about through the years and I’m glad to finally get it out for the world to read.

Warlock Asylum: In a few short words, what is the theme of Barrenworld?

J. Edwards Holt: Barrenworld is a dark fantasy story full of adventure, ups and downs, and unexpected twists.

Warlock Asylum: How long did you work on the text from start to finish?

J. Edwards Holt: I first started writing the book back in 2016, but decided it just wasn’t coming together. So, I wrote some different books and came back to the story in 2020 when I felt I was ready. From that point it took about a year to finish.

Warlock Asylum: What were some of the things that you learned about yourself as a writer while working on Barrenworld: Curse of the Warlord’s Chalice?

J. Edwards Holt: Well, when I went back and looked at what I had originally written for Barrenworld back in 2016, I was less than impressed. But the good thing is I immediately knew what to do to improve the text, and new ideas started coming to me, making for a relatively smooth writing process.

Warlock Asylum: What can the reader expect from Barrenworld: Curse of the Warlord’s Chalice and in what ways is this literary experience different than your previous work?

J. Edwards Holt: I tell my readers to prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! Barrenworld may be a completely different story from the “Little Men” series, but it includes some of the same characters that play a very important part in the new trilogy as a whole.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the principles that dominate Barrenworld: Curse of the Warlord’s Chalice? Any final thoughts?

J. Edwards Holt: Curse of the Warlord’s Chalice is a story that deals with a lot of things, like loyalty vs. betrayal, selfishness vs. sacrifice, and characters having to decide if power and immortality is worth selling their soul.

In conclusion, this is a story that I’m really excited about and I hope everyone will give it a shot! You won’t be disappointed!

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