The First Lady of Hip Hop continues to exercise her sovereignty over the music world with the release of the rap single Too Grown. When it comes to sophisticated prose with an alchemical touch of iron-melting lyricism, it doesn’t get better than Miranda Writes. She has crafted some of the best rhymes in the genre while maintaining her dignity as a woman and motivating those who come to experience her sound.

Too Grown represents the culmination of another stage of rebirth in Miranda’s career. She has a unique taste for reinvention, but within this same breath of experience, Miranda Writes consistently honors the traditional values of the genre that she represents. Produced By Cooarri Beats, Too Grown captures our attention with a scrumptious beat that propels our consciousness about a hundred years into the future. As we land into a jeweled crossroads in time, we can definitely sense that something special is happening and that Miranda Writes will once again come out on top.

Miranda’s voice eloquently melts into the track. Her flavorful flow and perfect hand-in-glove prose keep us fully enchanted with the song’s theme about a lopsided relationship that is too immature for what Miranda brings to the table in regard to both life and love. As Miranda “buys what she owns” her oratory skills and ability to transport the listener to the scene of an affair of the heart are simply amazing. Salute!



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