The multi-talented musician, singer, and performer Stephen Jacques gifts the music world with a unique new album called Soul Hydraulics. Stephen’s latest effort is a collaborative work that also encompasses the craftiness of multi-instrumentalist Alan Weatherhead.

Soul Hydraulics is expected for release on September 3rd, 2021. The album is filled with musical brilliance and carries an air of nostalgia. Stephen Jacques has a charming voice that keeps the continuity of the album flowing. Additionally, there is a warm and flowing inventiveness that infuses Soul Hydraulics with elements from country, folk, garage, pop, and rock. Tracks like Come To Me Marie open the door to a world of brisk artistry. Other songs like Left L.A. and Golden Gate Crown, among others, reveals the project’s creative guise and attention to detail.

Overall, Soul Hydraulics is a great album and an item that musicians and fans of live sound will surely enjoy. The haziness of Stephen Jacques’s latest work keeps his legacy timeless and filled with hope.