Originally from New York City, indie artist, musician, and performer Bruce Wayne Carl aka Warbler BC has emerged from sharply intense times to the release of his debut EP appropriately titled Warbler BC One. In overcoming many of his hardships, which included anything from “having suffered through madness, a dead family, a dead wife, heroin and every other kind of addiction, and then finally trouble with the law,” Warbler BC finally reached a place in his life where he is comfortable sharing some of the fruitage from his creative realm.

Warbler BC One is a 6-track effort that really touches the depth of the listener’s soul in a timeless fashion. The project opens up with an enchanting ballad called Starry Gown. The song is quite inventive as it flosses some psychedelic overtones that continue throughout the project. Warbler BC does an excellent job of keeping the EP’s continuity centered on its acoustic instrumentation, as seen in tracks like Fair and Trouble. Warbler BC One is a multi-dimensional offering that holds a taste of nostalgia reminiscent of English garage rock. Bruce Wayne Carl has exceeded all expectations with this tantalizing musical debut.



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