Foreglow by Ranzel X Kendrick represents the true warmth and artistry of acoustic sound. Ranzel X Kendrick is a creative powerhouse, who is often noted for his eclectic and high-spirited musicality. Foreplay is an honest venture that reveals an open book view of Ranzel X Kendrick’s melodic depth.

His maestro’s newest effort is filled with rhythmic beauty and organic symmetry. Beginning with the romanticism of Cross My Heart, Ranzel X Kendrick gives us a moment by the fire for great times and comfort during these unparalleled times. Throughout the album’s incredible instrumentation of acoustic guitar, flute, conga drums, and tempered basslines, Foreglow’s beauty is found in its sincerity and gimmickless approach to discovering the true talent of life that resides within us all.

Many of the themes covered in this remarkable 5-track EP bend towards romance and an honest look into our own psyche. Ranzel X Kendrick has done a wonderful job in creating a true masterpiece.

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