The Nashville-based alternative rock band known as Beyond Here has a spellbinding sound that is crisp and refreshing. The group’s new ep New Dangers explores vibrant possibilities in musical professionalism. Beyond Here was founded by Anthony Douglas and includes Jonathan Tuckness (drums), Jon Wisecarver (lead), and Logan Hatcher (bass).

New Dangers is a perfect example of Beyond Here’s rockability and carries a strong scent of nostalgia within its sonic gnosis, mainly due to the group’s incorporation of elements from various genres like folk, electro-pop, and progressive rock – to name a few. The project opens up with the song “Fake It Till You Miss It,” which sets the tone and standards for the tracks that follow. The listener is easily drawn into Beyond Here’s eclectic guitar-play and layered terrain that works brilliantly with the band’s flawless rhythms and musical structure.

New Dangers exemplifies rock music with an edge. Beyond Here possesses an exceptional knack for grown-man themes as the ep provides clear testimony. Tracks like ‘Go There’ reveal the fiery nature and cutting-edge or New Dangers’ landscape and quest for artistic innovation. New Dangers by Beyond Here is a timeless offering that should land on the lists of many rock music favorites.

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