Singer and songwriter Jack Nolan has released his fifth solo album titled Gabriel. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Jack Nolan has a crisp acoustic sound that will surely stay branded in your memory. His lyrics present a windowpane view of the world.

Gabriel is an album about redemption, life, and finding ourselves within ourselves. Produced by Justin Weaver and captured on two-inch tape in the aptly named ‘Welcome to 1979’ Studios by engineer Chris Mara, the assembled band included drummer Jimmy Paxson, bassist Chris Autry, keys player Phil Towns and pedal steel player David Spires who were joined by backup singers Terri Lynn Weaver & Siobhan Maher Kennedy. Justin himself applied the deeply textured lead and electric guitars.

Jack Nolan’s new album is certainly a work of art that exhibits some of the greatest musicianship in the world as evident from tracks like Chit Chatter, Hold Your Horses and Blue. Gabriel by Jack Nolan is truly a life-changing event.