The Minneapolis-based singer and songwriter Jon Arthur Schmidt has released a fabulous 10-track album titled From The Marrow. Jon Arthur Schmidt is often noted for his intricate folk-rock melodies and dimensional vocalization. This music is accented with a strong acoustic sound that unveils his creative brilliance.

From The Marrow is a stirring inner journey that plunges the listener deep into the fabric of human psychology that is presented in a warm and practical manner. In many ways, the musical typography pursued by Jon Arthur Schmidt is reminiscent of some of the musical structure pursued by John Lennon during this solo career.

The album begins with the track Library Land, a song that displays excellent musicianship and equally creative lyricism about an artistic utopia. Many of the tracks on the album followed the lead of acoustic guitar and additional fill of instrumentation, as evident from the song Teeth Are Gnawing. From The Marrow by Jon Arthur Schmidt is a golden treasure of melody and lyrical prose.