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Last Call Before The Fall by Dizzy Box Nine

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Dizzy Box Nine returns to the music world with a fabulous newly-released album titled Last Call Before The Fall. Based out of Southern California, the group has ingeniously championed a seemingly eclectic fusion of pop, punk, and alternative rock musical genres. The band was created in 2016 by singer-guitarist Randy Ludwig and features guitarist Tony Robles and drummer Amos Przekaza.

Last Call Before The Fall is an electrifying 12-track journey that really showcases Dizzy Box Nine’s distinct creativity and love for music. The album has an attractive hazy overtone that begins with the opening tune called Name. The song Name brandishes a unique brand of inventiveness reminiscent of mid-60s rock. Last Call Before The Fall displays good continuity and Dizzy Box Nine’s superb taste for innovation is enough to call this collection of songs a classic.