Thousand River Sun by singer and songwriter Rob Massard is truly a masterful work. Originally from the Detroit, Michigan region of the United States, Rob Massard is often noted for his progressive folk material that sails across the ears of music lovers like a breath of fresh air. Most of all, Rob Massard’s approach to recording is inventive and vibrant.

Thousand River Sun is a 7-track album cast in a folk-rock landscape. Beginning with the song I Hang on Every Moment, Rob Massard crafts a unique rhythmic tapestry that pierces the heart of the listener via acoustic guitar strums and an enchanting voice. His style is somewhat reminiscent of the creative musings of the 1970’s band America and their classic song Tin Man.

Needless to say, Rob Massard’s songwriting ability shines with originality. His musical expertise certainly acts as a pillar of continuity throughout the album, especially on tracks like We Can’t Afford the Answers and Illuminations of Day Break. Thousand River Sun is a no-frills approach to making good music and art that is imitative of the world in which we live.