EDM fans are set to enjoy some real sonic jewels as RetroSynth Records and Abora Recordings is set to release a 21-track treasure chest of textured tracks tailored-made for the genre. The album is titled Live Wire On The Sunset Strip and is expected for release on January 26th, 2022. The project features various artists that all seem to bring the listener into a new dimension of rhythm.

The production on the album is fielded by Waves_On_Waves, an eclectic musical outfit comprised of Ben Trexel (guitars, keyboards, producer-engineer), Brian Prost (piano and mixing producer-engineer), Chris Sevier (vocalist, piano, and guitar), Marco Farouk (deejay and producer), Stephen Kohl (video), and Mills Logan (mixing engineer). Live Wire On The Sunset Strip cradles a brighter side of the EDM world but is quite instinctive in its fusion of dance, electronica, pop, and synth-pop genres. Among the featured artists are Marvel83′, Timecop1983, Solar Burst, SilverHawk, VileMoral, Waves_On_Waves, Luke Million, Thomas Barrandon, Arwelone, EarMake, Mike Haunted, and Niky Nine.

Musically, Live Wire On The Sunset Strip offers its listeners a bright terrain of excellent production and an inventive taste of chorale. The album contains a lot of depth and turns out to be a rewarding banquet of creativity.