Historically acclaimed as “one of the most dangerous minds” of our post-modern era, Keenan Booker aka The God 720 has unleashed another gem for music lovers with his new album titled Wired 4 War. Outside of his music endeavors, Booker has achieved critical acclaim for his work as a historian and writer.

Wired 4 War is a cinematic effort that features gritty grooves and aggressive and somewhat cynical lyricism by The God 720. The album is comprised of twelve tracks that are guaranteed to keep the listener on the edge of their seats. The God 720 is able to use ideas expressed in films and other forms of theatrical media to convey proverbial realism to his audience.

The album begins with the alluring track called Matrix. This episode of the futuristic thug’s journey is blanketed with submachine wordplay, but intelligently demonstrates The God 720’s evolution as a rap artist. The next track titled War Going On is sure to have listeners buzzing. Featuring the lyrical expertise of Gre Matr coupled with a Mob Deep sample that is cleverly woven into the hook, The God 720 delivers another jewel.

Wired 4 War is inventive and equally daring. The God 720’s thirst for creativity, especially on offerings like Monster Mash and The Rising Sun is impressive. Amazingly, he is able to shift the gears of his cadence to hug the beat while spewing academic and hood philosophy of sparkling grooves. Wired 4 War is another classic and a must-have for true hip-hop lovers.